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The official name of Cuba (CUB) is Republic of Cuba and consists of Blue, white and red flag colors. The capital city of Cuba is Havana. Cuba has the total estimated population as of 2020 is 11,210,064 or 11.2 M based on 15 states, 27 cities. The independence day is celebrated on October 10, 1868 and the founder of Cuba is Tomás Estrada Palma.

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About Cuba Flag

Cuba flag
Cuba Flag Colors   Blue
Meaning of Cuba flag colors

Cuba’s flag has alternative blue and white vertical lines and a red triangle towards one end with a 5-end-star. The three colors mean: Red: Bravery and equality. White: light and transparency. The white star is a sign of complete freedom of the citizens of Cuba. Blue: previous division of island.

Proportion 1:2
Proportion (decimals) 2.0
Flag Adoption Date May 20, 1902

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Provinces/States (15)

Cities (27)

Airports (134)

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