National flag of North Korea

The official name of North Korea (PRK) is Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and consists of Red, white and blue flag colors. The capital city of North Korea is Pyongyang. North Korea has the total estimated population as of 2020 is 25,027,000 or 25.0 M based on 12 states, 28 cities. The independence day is celebrated on September 9, 1948 and the founder of North Korea is Kim Il-sung.



About North Korea Flag

North Korea flag
North Korea Flag Colors   Red
Meaning of North Korea flag colors

North Korea’s flag has three colors that depict different things. It also has a star, which carries a separate meaning. The three colors demonstrate: Red: the stripe shows communist revolution whereas the red star symbolizes communism. White: honor and purity. Blue: friendship, sovereignty and peace in North Korea.

Proportion 1:2
Proportion (decimals) 2.0
Flag Adoption Date September 8, 1948

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Provinces/States (12)

Cities (28)

Airports (94)

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