National flag of Japan

The official name of Japan (JPN) is Japan and consists of Red and white flag colors. The capital city of Japan is Tokyo. Japan has the total estimated population as of 2020 is 127,080,000 or 127.1 M based on 47 states, 73 cities. The independence day is celebrated on April 28, 1952 and the founder of Japan is Emperor Jimmu.



About Japan Flag

Japan flag
Japan Flag Colors   Red
Meaning of Japan flag colors

Japanese flag is one of the simplest flags in the world with just two colors. They mean: White: Peace and harmony of the nation. Red: Rising sun, as a sign of success. (Could you tell where did you see Sun as a sign of hope?)

Proportion 2:3
Proportion (decimals) 1.5
Flag Adoption Date August 13, 1999

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Cities (73)

Airports (233)

  • Hiroshimanishi Airport
  • Hofu Airport
  • Hokkaido Medical Center for Child Health & Rehabilitation Helipad
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