National flag of Fiji

The official name of Fiji (FJI) is Republic of Fiji and consists of Light Blue, Red, Dark blue, White and Gold flag colors. The capital city of Fiji is Suva. Fiji has the total estimated population as of 2020 is 859,178 or 859.2 K based on 5 states, 4 cities. The independence day is celebrated on October 10,1970 and the founder of Fiji is Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara.



About Fiji Flag

Fiji flag
Fiji Flag Colors   Dark Blue
  Light Blue
Meaning of Fiji flag colors

The colors on Fiji’s flag illustrate the following: Blue: Pacific Ocean surrounding the country. Red, dark blue, white: shows Fiji’s former ties with the British empire Gold: British lion is holding a cocoa pod

Proportion 1:2
Proportion (decimals) 2.0
Flag Adoption Date October 10, 1970

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